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A new approach to quantifying the holistic environmental and social impact of a company. Social Subsidy measures the dollar value of the harm corporate actions have on society.



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$23 Trillion. The harm large corporations will inflict on society in 2021 through environmental damage, anti-competitive practices, ill-treatment of staff & tax avoidance.

Social Subsidy. The cost of this harm is borne entirely by society - effectively a subsidy we give to these offending corporations.

Report out now. We identify the worst offenders and provide detailed regional and sectoral analysis.

Worst Offenders 2021

Global Aggregate Data 2021

Mountain Peak

Category Aggregates

Old Globe

Regional Aggregates

Industrial Smoke

Sector Aggregates

Full Social Subsidy Database

Our complete database of 4,500 global corporations. For each company, this database covers:

  • Market Capitalization ($bn)

  • Social Subsidy 2021 ($Bn)

  • Cost of Environmental Damage ($bn)

  • Cost of Anti-Competitive Practices ($bn)

  • Cost of Adverse Working Conditions ($bn)

  • Cost of Tax Avoidance ($bn)

  • Social Subsidy per $1 Revenue

  • Ranking by universe, sector and region

Access to this database is governed by our terms and conditions, and is completely free for non-commercial purposes.​ The Database is only available on our Desktop Site.

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