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About us

Uncovering the true social cost of capital

Social Subsidy is a new approach to quantifying the holistic environmental and social impact of a company. Social Subsidy measures the dollar value of the harm corporate actions have on society.

Using the latest data gathering and Artificial Intelligence techniques to quantify and aggregate how corporate environmental damage, anti-competitive practices, adverse working conditions and tax avoidance hurts society.

We developed this approach after feeling most other Ethical Investing approaches focused on environmental impact and neglected other corporate actions that cause harm.


We also felt that the scoring techniques used by most ESG / Sustainable investing approaches were arbitrary and failed to aggregate and translate the data in to a tangible real-world dollar value that could be used to compare companies.

We hope that by using this data, stakeholders can drive change and improve the way that companies treat, not only the environment, but their customers, employees and wider society as well.

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