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Environmental Damage

Environmental Harm

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Corporate actions causing destruction of eco-systems

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We estimate that the global corporate sector will cause at least $7.6 trillion of damage to the environment in 2021. This is due to the emission of greenhouse gases, the disposal of unrecycled waste in landfill, and the discharge of untreated water. There are many other actions that are causing additional damage, and this estimate is a minimum.

Our Data Platform monitors and benchmarks the level of emissions, waste disposal and water discharge for each company. We estimate the levelized cost of abatement for each element to arrive at our overall estimates.

Environmental Harm Per Dollar


Unrecycled Waste

Untreated Water


Cost of Abatement


Total metric tons of emissions (Scope 1-3) per US Dollar of revenue

Total metric Tons of unrecycled waste per US Dollar of revenue

Total cubic meters of untreated water discharged per US Dollar of revenue

Estimated carbon capture and storage costs per metric ton

Estimated blended recycling costs per metric ton

Estimated treatment costs per cubic meter

Forecast Revenue in 2021

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